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Hello, this is the art/inspiration blog of a 27 year old lass who lives in Toronto, Canada. She goes by the name Michelle in real life, nickelcurry most places, or kuroineko other places. Here is where I post things I've drawn as well as other art I like. And then some other things I like too.

I have stuff for sale at RedBubble and Society6.

I also run FuckYeaOKGo and FuckYeaJamesJean if you are interested in either.

Current Fandoms: Sherlock, Doctor Who, Marvel, Hannibal, Welcome To Night Vale, SnK, NGE, TTGL, Tokyo Ghoul, Yowapeda, ZnT.

Other Good Tags:
[Photography, Interiors/Architecture, Fashion]
[Design, Illustration, Typography]

[psst, click on any image to go to its source.]
[pssst, only art tagged as mine was created by me. all else is inspiration.]
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